Ideas for a 50th Birthday Party

Many factors will affect the plans for a 50th birthday party but these will be most important:

Who is throwing the party and who will attend?

If it’s the usual gang of family and friends, then everything stays calm and PG rated, maybe PG-13 if really young children are not in attendance. But if the party is the brainchild of rowdy friends or smart aleck adult acquaintances, it’s OK to ramp things up a bit and throw in a few bits of raunch and/or insulting insinuations.


How is the guest of honor coping with the birthday?

Turning age 50 is no minor milestone. Whether or not you live to be 80 or more, you are definitely on a downward spiral at age 50. Some people take this realization rather hard and are in no mood to be mocked at their own birthday party. Unless you have a truly mean streak, it’s wise not to ignore this sentiment. You could end up with a cake smashed against a wall and an angry birthday boy or girl burning rubber to get the heck out of there. But if the new 50 year old has a sense of humor and a willingness to be the butt of a few jokes, then take a few good-natured shots. After all, we’ll all be in his shoes someday, if we’re not there already.

Luckily, when looking for ideas for a 50th birthday party, the concept of time is on your side.

Two decades to consider for a 50th birthday party

The 1960s

Anyone turning 50 these days was born during The Turbulent Sixties. That’s the official name for the 1960s – The Turbulent Sixties – because they actually were quite eventful. Suddenly, everything that had occurred before was completely outdated. The Fifties weren’t just old fashioned, they were blown completely to bits by 1961.

Your 50 year old was born during The Turbulent Sixties and spent his early childhood in this decade. Do you smell a birthday theme? 

The 1980s

Now the 50 year old was out of high school and maybe college but was still looking for big fun in his early adulthood. He or she really grew up in the Eighties and has an affinity for this weird decade that has not been duplicated since then. Again, you’ve got a ready-made birthday theme right here.


What about… ?

The 1970s
Elementary school, middle school, early high school – these years were not as important. Plus this is a much harder birthday theme to pull off.

The 1990s
What, you’re going to base your party on the most boring decade since the 1950s? Work with us, people!

The 2000s
Too recent. Takes a couple of decades before a time period becomes the object of nostalgia.

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