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Here are some themes that might seem appropriate for a 50th birthday but really aren’t:

Sexual Dysfunctions – Unless the guest of honor has a medical problem, the kind you don’t want to bring up at a party, he or she is probably as active sexually at age 50 as at age 40. Insinuating otherwise is just lame.

Incontinence – (see sexual dysfunctions) If you are thinking in this direction, you are probably too young or too devoid of creativity to be planning this party. Fifty just ain’t that old, and everyone knows it. Acting like 50 is ancient might seem funny to a 20 year old but few others will think the joke works.

Life Failures – Sure the guest of honor has been divorced twice and is working at a crap job. He probably doesn’t think that these facts are very humorous. If you do, that’s your problem.

Imminent Death – Unless he is ill or planning suicide, the birthday boy probably has another couple of decades to go. Save this “great idea” for his 60th birthday, you sick creep.

Actually, a lot of these ideas would work better for a 30th birthday party. Reminding someone that they don’t have long to go is funnier when it’s an exaggeration.


We advocate the “feel good” 50th birthday party. Save the “you’re so old, har-de-har-har” humor for the barber shop and turn the party into a real celebration of life. Here are some thought provokers to get you started.

At age 50, a person is…

• Interested in the finer things in life

• Putting away childish things

• Concentrating on what is important

• Getting closer to people who love and appreciate him

• Looking forward to the rest of his life

Here’s something that would make both a great theme and an awesome gift for a 50 year old’s birthday party – wine that was bottled the year he was born. 

Check online or with your favorite vintner for appropriate choices in your price range. Here are some 1961 vintage wines for example:

Amarone Classico 1961 Negrar  Outstanding 1961 vintage, red/brown tinge, spicy with taste of oak.

Bardolino 1961 Rizzardi Outstanding 1961 vintage; herb, cherry and cinnamon-scented nose; smoky, earthy notes; medium- to full-bodied.

Chateau Pontoise Cabarrus 1961 Cru Bourgeois Red wine from an outstanding 1961 vintage, fruity and fragrant, scents of ripe fruit and cedarwood, smooth dry finish.

Now, is that classy or what?